.74oz Drizzled Mini Rice Cakes - Perfect for lunches!

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Premium, Fluffy, Crunchy, Clouds of deliciousness

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Why People Love Drizzilicious

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Drizzled Perfection

90 Calories

At just 90 calories per 21 pieces, Drizzilicious is a smart little snack you can feel great about!


Our products are made in a peanut & tree-nut free facility and are all allergen-free

Certified Gluten-Free

Our drizzled delights are always 100% gluten-free & certified via GFCO

Non-GMO Product Verified

All of our products are GMO Free and certified via Non-GMO Project


All our delicious products are 100% Vegan and animal cruelty free

Certified Kosher

All our Drizzilicious products are certified Kosher via OU Orthodox Union and CRC Pareve


    Our Popcorn is special... it's journey begins with our local farmer's premium Non-GMO corn, then it's kettle popped in small batches, and finally drizzled and seasoned for the next hungry snacker... ‎ ‎ ‎ Yummy!! Get Crunchin'!

  • Bite Sized Cakes, Big Sized Flavor

    Our Rice Cakes really are special, with just 90 calories per 21 pieces you'll be amazed you can finally eat something delicious you don't feel guilty about! Available in a multitude of flavors, this fan favorite is no stranger to the average snacker.. Go ahead... enjoy yourself and Indulge Guiltlessly

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  • 5 Flavor Variety [S'mores, Birthday, Cinnamon, Cookies, Caramel] .74oz - Drizzilicious

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    Our delicious rice cakes are the perfect flavor and size to add to other dishes finalize that sweet-treat masterpiece! Click here for more!

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